Lexi Martone


July 26, 2017 0 Comments

So apparently its “not appropriate to wear skulls and bats to a communion”.. I beg to differ.ย 

I love this dress and never really had a chance to wear it. I wore it to the city for my birthday in December but never took any pictures. I was more concerned with the hypothermia setting in (since I refused to wear tights or a jacket in the snow) than documenting my sparkly dress.

.ย  Wanna know a secret? Half of these were just accidental shots of my boyfriend playing with my camera. Good job Mike.

Lexi does communion.. complete. Skulls and bats included.

Dress-ASOS Night Armour Mesh Bodycon Dress

Shoes- Demonia Megabat Platform Boots

Ring-Heart of Bone Bat Skull

Bag- White Pepper Moon Clutch