Lexi Martone

Lexi does Vegas.

August 31, 2017 0 Comments

My sister turned 21 in July soooo.. Vegas babyyyyy.

I think we were all planning our outfits for this trip for at least 2 months…. I had an issue with one of my orders and most of my new clothes didn’t come in time soooo I made due with what was in my closet.

First day… “Its Lit.” Encore Beach Club pool party.

Vegas is fucking hott. Like reaaalllly hot. We were literally sweating our asses off at the pool. Like we knew it was gonna be hot… but this was just whole other level hot. My bathing suit top was very appropriate for the weather situation…

Thats my best friend Gianna btw. Also personal photographer for the trip.

Top- Dolls Kill Double Flame Crop Top

Bottom: Skirted Bikini Bottom

Shoes: Shelly’s London Flame Boots

Bag: Nila Anthony Bomb Crossbody Bag

Top: Dont remember where the hell I bought this but if you search for “Skeleton Hand Crop Top” you’ll find a bagillion of them.

Bottom: Skirted Bikini Bottom

Shoes: Demonia Bravo 89

Bag: Unfiltered Poison Bag

Top/Bottom: Custom Made

Shoes:Demonia Bravo 89

Bag: Nasty Gal Holographic Beach Tote (bought at Bloomingdales, not sure if its still available)

Jumpsuit: Renegade Lace-Up Catsuit

Shoes:Demonia Bravo 89

Phone Case: Valfre

Shopppingggggg day!

Can’t go to Vegas without a little shopping. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything… but we all know how that ended…

One look in the Philipp Plein window and swipeee went the credit card.

I mean ccmonnn. Look at it. No fucking way that thing wasn’t coming home with me. If anyone needs a gift idea for me in the future, you’re all welcome to stop by Philipp Plein and pick me up a few things.

So this outfit. There was the sickest wall down in the hotel lobby so me and Gianna took a little trip downstairs for a photoshoot. 7000 awkward stares, a few conversations from old men, and an ass grab from some creepo later… we returned to the room to find out none of the pictures saved. Safe to say we were both pissseddd and resorted to room pics and mirror selfies.

Dress: F21 Lace Up Bodycon 

Shoes: Current Mood Skeleton Crew Boots
Bag: Current Mood Mega Bubbly Bag

Dress: Mercury Riding Hooded Skater Dress

Shoes: Current Mood Defender Boots

Bag: Current Mood Superstar Backpack

Anddd last but not least, the alien outfit. The minute I took this skirt out of the box I knew exactly where and how I was gonna wear it. I saved it for the last day to wear to Marquee Nightclub… big mistake. Marquee sucked. We were there for about 5 minutes and no one got to enjoy the wonder that was Lexi the Alien.

And my bag light up and played music.  So we really didn’t even need the club we could’ve just partied it up in the room courtesy of my bag.

Top: Cyberdog Prima Crop Top

Bottom: Alien Clear PVC Skirt

Shoes: YRU Qozmo Dragon Sneakers

Bag: Boombox Light-up Bag

And a quick closet shot before the clothes were unpacked.

So now that you’ve seen the clothes of Vegas… stayed tuned for the food.