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Lexi does Vegas: Gordon Ramsay edition.

September 9, 2017 0 Comments

Gordon Ramsay Steak.

This is why Lexi came to Vegas.

So for those of you that are unaware of my Gordon obsession, you’re now aware. Our first reservation got cancelled because we were at the wrong hotel and we were stuck going to Mesa… damn Bobby Flay… but thats another post…

Anyways. Gordon Take 2. We arrive the next day to Paris, not Caesers. 

I was literally like a 5 year old in Disney. I literally snapchatted and took pictures and videos of everything. Which really isnt any different than the normal day…. but whatevs, point is.. I was fucking excited…

Did a little photoshoot with Gordon outside the restaurant afterwards. Annndddd he liked my picture on Instagram. Yes. Gordon fucking Ramsay liked my instagram picture. I maayyyyy have danced around the hotel room after waking up to that notification..

Ok so the food. Everything fricken tasted and looked amazingg. Not that I expected anything less. Even the bread was plated fancy. Like fuck your bread basket. There were 4 different types of bread served with English butter and black and pink sea salt. We ordered the crab cake salad as an appetizer. Its a play on a traditional crab cake where you get all the flavors and texture of a crab cake without actually eating one. Its served cold and has a crispy biscuity kind of thing on the bottom. Yes, biscuity thing is the exact technical term.

For sides we ordered creamed spinach, mac & cheese, roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and the house steak sauce.

And the main event, the steak. I really wanted to try the beef Wellington but how could I pass up a Japanese Wagyu? I knew I could make the Wellington at home but I don’t really have an abundance of A5 grade Japanese cows wandering around Dix Hills. Its served with fresh grated wasabi and lime.

If you’ve never had Japanese wagyu, you need to go find some immediately. It is top of the line, best steak you can get. It just needs the be seared and brought to perfect medium rare. Like omgggg, melt in your mouth perfection👌🏼.

The minute I stepped off the plane, I was back in the kitchen and in beef Wellington mode. Gordon Ramsays signature Wellington, thyme infused mashed potatoes, red wine jus and roasted carrots.

Beef Wellington, done.