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Cauldron Cookbook: The “LITmas Burger”

December 24, 2017 0 Comments

Falalalalaaaaaa. Tis the season for burgers. Well it’s really always the season for burgers.. but this is the season of red and green burgers.

Ever since I made the black buns for my Halloween burger I knew I needed to make a Christmas version. So I had the buns covered but I really didn’t know what the hell to put on this burger.

My hands were dyed green for the rest of the week… at least it’s my favorite color…

So what exactly is in this monstrosity? I took some inspiration from holiday staples in my house and some other Christmasy foods and boom. “LITmas Burger”.. name courtesy of Mike as usual.. Beef burger stuffed with sausage and chestnut stuffing, honey roasted ham, duck fat roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sunchokes, sautéed portobello mushrooms, crispy potato straws, port orange cranberry sauce all drizzled in port beef gravy.

So how’s my new oven you ask?! MAGICAL. Literally this burger would not have been possible without it.. I mean.. any functioning oven would have made this possible… buttt… my ovens been broken for so long I really appreciate the luxury of having a display I can read and a door that doesn’t need to be jammed closed with a broom stick….

It so prettyyyy and shinyyy and clean and has a blue inside and I just stare at it all day. 

Soooo thats a wrap for this burger. I need to go finish baking because theres 50 hungry Italians coming to my house tomorrow..

Merry Christmas Eve!

December 20, 2017