Lexi Martone

Nail artist, cupcake baker, part time witch now venturing into the world of blogging. I’m either just a multifaceted individual, or going through an identity crisis. Whatever you want to call it, heres my next adventure to add into my spare time where I hide in the back office of my salon….
It’s really the 2nd bathroom and I took the toilet out and plopped a desk in there but we’re just gonna go with office…
It’s my quiet little black cave where I can be antisocial and watch Bakers vs Fakers until someone needs a rhinestone on their nail, theres an unexpected delivery of 96 plastic purple roses or theres a power outage and we need to move the salon to the parking lot.
No but really.. this shit actually happens around here.
At some point of the day I’m also forcibly dragging someone to the back parking lot to take pictures of my outfits.
So I’ve pretty much been a little all over the place lately. I’ve got like 4 instagrams, a food blog, 2 websites, 3 email addresses, and who the hell knows what else. In an effort to consolidate and bring some kind of order to my social media, and life, I decided I needed a home base. A website where you can find all things Lexi.
This blog is basically a place to dump the endless pictures that have been piling up on my desktop waiting to be seen by someone other than my snapchat followers. Theres nails, food, fashion, and whatever the hell else I decided I’m taking on as a hobby/career that day.
So this is where I’ll be if you need me.